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Successful sportsstars and glamorous film stars are a role model for youngsters. Do u support it or not? (Agree/Disagree)

PTE ESSAY Role Model For Youngsters

role model for youngsters

Today, many youngsters follow celebrities like sports and movie stars as their role model. This can be seen on all over social media. It is disagreed to follow successful sports person or glamorous movie star. This will be shown by taking into account immoral acts of these sports personalities and derogatory roles played by film stars.


To begin with, recently many cases have been published of athletes using illegal steroids. This may influence their innocent followers negatively. For example, a few years ago, Lance Armstrong, 7 times winner of Tour de France was found guilty of using performance enhancer drugs. It goes without saying that, youngsters must be discouraged to follow such sports stars.


Furthermore, it’s often seen that glamorous film stars play derogatory roles in movies. For instance, Sanjay Dutt, a famous actor from Indian cinemas often plays the role of mafia and villain: taking drugs, robbing banks, and living a lavish lifestyle. This sets a bad example for adolescents. It is obvious from this example that movie stars shouldn’t be ideal role models. Thus, youngster’s admiration of these personalities should not be supported.


This analysis proves that all successful sports stars and film stars may not be ideal role models. In a nutshell, youngsters should not be supported to follow these jazzy personalities blindly. It is recommended to teach youth to follow virtuous characters.

Sports stars as role models essay

One of the conspicuous trends of today’s world the colossal upsurge in the number of people influencing by film stars. There is a widespread worry that this will only lead to a myriad of concerns in society. In my opinion, sports stars and glamorous film stars have a more negative impact than a positive impact on society and I totally disagree with it.

On one hand, critics may point out that one of the most significant benefits of successful sports stars and glamorous film stars for youngsters is that they see daily work done by sports stars and they try to do some athletic at home so, this seems really inspiring as well as useful in entire life.

On the other hand, there are several arguments in favor of my stance. One of the most preponderant ones is that this can be totally destructive to the life of youngsters and has negative consequences for the youngsters in various ways. Firstly, youngsters follow superstars and sports stars on daily basis on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to be updated they stalk each activity and models have many bad habits such as taking daily use of drugs, alcohol they die by using an overdose of drugs and this will lead to negative consequences to the youngsters.

Lastly, in my opinion, the government of Australia is taking a great initiative in educating its citizens against the negative impact of role models. Citizens are being encouraged to avoid following superstars and sports stars.

In my view of the arguments outlined above, one can conclude that despite having some good impact, the bad impact of role models in society and youngsters are indeed too dire to ignore.


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7 thoughts on “Successful sportsstars and glamorous film stars are a role model for youngsters. Do u support it or not? (Agree/Disagree)

  1. Making role models is a common phenomenon in our society. People regardless of their age live up their ideal and work hard to model idealistic achievements of those in their daily lives. To this end, younger generation of our time is inspired by the living legends in sports and stars from the film industry. They work hard to model them in their attires, in communication or some would attempt to ultimately become attain the same graph of popularity and financial success. However, with this trend common in youngsters, it is widely argued for treating them ideals in their daily lives.
    Not to mention that our youngsters are fairly inspired by film stars and sport-playing people of our age. They treat them ideals at times when they begin to realize the surroundings. Ecstatic in their actions, they love to create a psychic relationship with stars and their ecstatic feelings are prominent when they come to know about them either in film debut or in everyday sports. To some extent, they are correct in making them ideals rather building up idealism with people having mischievous characters. Parents would take a sigh of relief for such children benefitting from sportsmanship. Otherwise greatly fearing for their children, parents would not like them to participate in anti-social behavior, a guilt they would never want to live up with.
    Not so willing, parents opposing this trend are great in number as such they would never like their children to live exceptionally ideal life. Citing argument they would not like their children to live in the ecstasy of others. Rather they like their children to set own ambitions without imitating others.
    With that being said, living with idealistic life is perhaps a driving force for perpetuating ambitions and goals in the life of youngsters. Nevertheless, it is important for them to understand the realities of life too.

  2. The topic under reference has attracted widespread notice everywhere that today young generation is following the lifestyle of their role models. While some people think that its good for teenagers to follow the lifestyle,ways of speaking and other personality traits from the file starts, on the other hand, critics opine that it will put into danger life of offsprings. I will discuss both points of views before stating a final conclusion.

    To begin with, some film actors has good personality and human behavior and they follow the path of hardworking and become successful in life. For an instance, Indian film star Amir Khan has a struggling life and now each of his movie taught a lesson to the youth. Secondly, if the people follow the thinking of such persons then they also become good citizens. To be more precise, people can learn moral values from such actors. Last but not the least, some famous person also leave a good never forgot impact in minds of the youth.

    On the other hand, there are some co-stars who has some bad habits such as smoking and drinking. If the youth will follow their living style then it will be dangerous for the life of these generation. This is not denying the fact that there are more glamorous who has very bad habits and some of them even have criminal history. In the gist of the essay i would like to say that of our generation will adopt the life style of such criminal then what would be our future?

    To recapitulate, considering all the above discussed points, I pen down by saying that it would be better to follow the persons who are working for the youth and for the nation and we should ignore the others who has bad characters. In the end, I would like to bring home empathetically that follow the good personality only.

    1. nicely write…thank you so much it is very helpful for me because i understand very sweet and simple language.Thanks again.

  3. Today’s youngsters gets attracted easily towards flamboyant and glamourous world where they find a successful sports star or a film star, basking in glory of stardom. Hence, it is quite obvious that these youngsters lookup to the stars and make them as their role models. Often we come across many arguments which feel the either ways. This essay will give an assertion on both the sides of the contention to deduce a reasonable conclusion.
    One of the arguments supporting this attitude of youngsters of making a successful sports man or film star a role model is that these people are like short lived stars who by their overwhelming efforts maintain their stardom and a glamourous life style. So, youngster gets motivated with the fact that every small individual can turn the tables around with unprecedented hard work and dedication and everything can be achieved which looks great.
    Another school of thought suggests that its not right that today’s youngsters are only motivated for glamour and stardom depicted by sportsman or the movie star but they should also look for the real superheroes who work very hard and might have a larger contribution in today’s society like scientists, army personal, economists and technologists who helps in building of a great nation.
    Hence, in my opinion, it should be youngsters who should have the right in deciding on their career option as their future aspirations which can be inspired from anyone from the world including a sportsman or a film star.

  4. The Era of multimedia has encouraged the on screen celebraties to an extend that youngsters have set them as their role models.
    Perhaps these sport stars and film personalities have more negative than positive impact on our lives and hence this psuedo belief
    shall be discouraged.

    What we look upon these days is what we are entertain us more and how influencial the lifestyle of an individual is on-screen but
    the darker side is never revealed. The sports personals or film celebs are not always brought up by their talent, there are cases
    when the star kids get to make it to the top. These non deserving stars impact adversely on the lives of the common youth.

    It is common to hear a news about a celebraty who got drunk over an event or a sports person who was banned due to a misconduct.
    The young children following them, take it as a style symbol to consume alcohol or smoke to look cool. In contrast to this
    the well known scholors or military heros who have fought for the nation are left un appreciated.

    The conclusion to this mallicious evil of society is to not to have the over rated sportsmen and film stars to inaugrate or act in
    a commercial but to uplift the war heros and other scholors who have not only proved their intellect but also have markably set an
    example for future generations. Eventually, what we see is what we follow so keeping this in mind, right person needs to idealised.

  5. These days, many young people like sports stars, actor or actress as their role models. They can even check on those stars’ daily life through social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other things. I am not quite positive to suggest youth to have athletes or movie stars as their role model in their life. In this essay, I would like to mention on the point of view with examples.

    First of all, as a young kid, athletes sure look like a hero and dream for them to follow by watching matches, interviews and shows which have them occasionally. On the other hand, young kids have access to see their personal life out of the game. For example, some sports players have been caught using drugs to achieve their goals easier. This can not be a good reason to follow as a dream for youth.

    Second of all, many movie stars look like they have a perfect life which most of people could never even experience in their life; money, fame, luxury life style, etc. However, that is only the surface of their life and we never know what they are going through in other side of their life. For instance, one of my favourite actor Kevin Spacey got charged as a sexual assault which happened a while ago. He should not be a role model for teenagers who should never learn to do this horrible incidents.

    In conclusion, famous stars are not the ideal role model for growing teenagers to accomplish their bright future. Also, media of them should be advised for youth.

  6. Could any evaluate my essay?

    Nowadays, it is seen that successful sports stars and glamorous film stars are the role models of youngsters. In my opinion, I entirely oppose this notion as making a celebrity your role model has several negative effects, especially for the youngsters.
    The first and foremost reason is that along with good moral roles, films stars also take up roles that are immoral and inappropriate. These scenes will eventually attract youngsters, and they might even try to do so. One such example is the use of drugs and alcohol. As a second reason
    Another reason is that some of the successful sports stars often lose their temper in the field and might engage in a fight. Youngsters who see them will have the tendency to behave alike to their friends. This will result in the rise of disputes among students and lead them into breaking their friendship bond. In addition, most of the celebrities spend money on expensive items such as clothing and other accessories, or in other words, lead a luxurious life without looking at the consequences. Youngsters who see them as role models will try to follow their way of lifestyle, resulting in the downfall of financial support from friends and family.
    In a nutshell, I believe that it is not good for youngsters to make sports stars or glamorous film stars as their role models, even if they are successful, as it will make a negative impact on their surroundings and even to themselves.

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