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Do you think the place where a person grew up helps him/her in accomplishing goals in life. Do you agree or disagree.

Role of native place
Role of native place

Goals are like a magnet, once they are defined they pull a person towards them. Many successful people have archived their goals irrespective of the odds. Place where a person grows up may not always help in achieving his goals in life. This will be proven by analysing the amenities and developments of the place that can facilitate one’s goals.


Many people travel far from the place where they grew up to find the conducive atmosphere to fulfill his goals in life. For example, Arnold Schwasneggar, the world’s greatest bodybuilder from Austria, did not have sufficient facilities during his adolescent years to accomplish his goals. Consequently, he moved to Venice, California which was the Mecca of bodybuilders. This clearly shows that lack of amenities is a huge obstacle. Thus, person’s homeland may not always help in hitting one’s goals.

Furthermore, development of a place goes hand in hand with success. For instance, if a person who wants to beat entrepreneur and the place is undeveloped and cannot provide him the wherewithal, then he has to go out to more developed place in search of capital. It is obvious when looking at this example that often it is seen that place, where a person grows up, does not support them in achieving his goals in life.

These analysis clearly shows that amenities and development is a crucial ingredient for achieving successful goals. In a nutshell, there is a strong correlation between persons vicinity and fulfilment of his goals. It can be concluded that place where person grows up plays a vital role in accomplishments of his goals.

Undeniably person’s vicinity plays a vital role in mouldings him into his success. This has been seen in many major cities in the world. Accomplished person have great influence on their native region, as many youngsters can relate to him and want to imitate his blueprint of success. This essay will discuss successful person’s influence on his native people.


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