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It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and getting established in a good job? Do you agree or disagree”

foolish to get married

PTE ESSAY foolish to get married

Many people get married even before getting settled in their career. This can be seen in many universities and offices. It is argued that getting married while studying or before getting a stable job can be arduous at times. This will be shown by analysing how it can afflict a person’s studies and unestablished employment.


To begin with, the responsibility of a spouse can augment person chores to a greater degree. Say for an instance, a married person has to take out some time for his studies to spend with his spouse, whereas a single person can focus on his studies and has the advantage to score high grades. When looking at this example it is clear that marriage is a hindrance for a student. From this, it can be concluded that it’s better to delay marriage and focus on academics.


Furthermore, initial stages of work life are usually grueling. One has to spend a considerable amount of hours to get established in a good job. For example, a person settling up in a job may have to travel to different locations or branches. If the spouse is dependent, it can be tough to be flexible to cater to the demands of the workplace. When looking at this example it is obvious that it is foolish to get married prior to getting a stable job.


These analysis prove that it’s beneficial to complete studies and have a steady job before getting married. As that adage goes, “a person who chases two rabbits catches none”. In a nutshell, it is recommended that one must first settle in their own life before adding up a responsibility of a spouse.


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2 thoughts on “It is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and getting established in a good job? Do you agree or disagree”

  1. While studies are important in individual’s life, likewise marriage and other social obligations are equally important in his life. However, some people tend to focus on studies and well-being whereas several people opt for an early marriage. Regardless of this fact, both are fundamental decisions in individual’s life, but the priority of employment and social well-being must precede the decision of marriage.
    In this essay, I will express my view with concrete arguments and reasonable conclusion.
    Firstly, take a look at married life an individual. Needless to mention, the individual is responsible for bread and butter to feed his family besides providing shelter, healthcare as well as schooling and so on. His responsibilities do not end up at marriage but actually, take a start from that point onwards. Unless otherwise, if an individual is not suitably qualified Graduate and experienced enough to meet the employer’s pre-requisites, he is perhaps in troubles. As a result, he would be less likely the employer’s choice, hence unable to take care of his family. A recent study in Pakistan revealed stunning revelations about people settling for divorce, primarily due to lack of provision of basic health and social facilities. Unlike Western countries where reasons might be different but the ground for the divorce remains the same. Moreover, another good aspect associated with post-study training is candidates gain life surviving skills essentially needed to face real life.
    Contrary to above, proponents of this notion cite their argument on this single reason that marriages tend to bring change in the lives of individuals. People discipline themselves and try hard to feed themselves and the lives of dependents.
    Wrapping up, while marriage is a social, moral and a religious obligation in the life of an individual but social well-being comfort and convenience in one’s life is even more important, hence ought to be incorporated in our career planning.

  2. These days there is an ongoing debate that getting married is a foolish thing before studies and achieving good job. To begin with according to my knowledge taking all burdens on self-shoulders without knowing the outer world is a foolish thing. This essay will discuss the reasons and the consequences of early marriage.
    In these day it is becoming very fashion that getting married for the women before completion of her studies, if the women got married at early ages, it is her responsibility to take care of a new family and children so her mind set does not develops and she stops thinking about her education due to a lot of attention and care should be taken on her new family and partner finally her knowledge over the society will ends there.
    When we compare these two persons, the person who married after getting settled and the person who married before her studies, we can observe a lot of difference it includes the management of house and office. The person who married without knowledge of outer society will tends to face more problems in future when she needs to take some important decisions in her life.
    In conclusion by seeing this two case studies we tell that getting married is foolishness without completion of education and getting job.

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