Successful sportsstars and glamorous film stars are a role model for youngsters. Do u support it or not? (Agree/Disagree)

PTE ESSAY Role Model For Youngsters

role model for youngsters

Today, many youngsters follow celebrities like sports and movie stars as their role models. This can be seen on all over social media. It is disagreed to follow successful sports person or glamorous movie star. This will be shown by taking into account immoral acts of these sports personalities and derogatory roles played by film stars.


To begin with, recently many cases have been published of athletes using illegal steroids. This may influence their innocent followers negatively. For example, few years ago, Lance Armstrong, 7 times winner of Tour de France was found guilty for using performance enhancer drugs. It goes without saying that, youngsters must be discouraged to follow such sport stars.


Furthermore, it’s often seen that glamorous film stars play derogatory roles in movies. For instance, Sanjay Dutt, a famous actor from Indian cinemas often plays a roles of mafia and villain: taking drugs, robbing banks and living a lavish lifestyle. This sets a bad example for adolescents. It is obvious from this example that movies stars shouldn’t be ideal role models. Thus, youngster’s admiration of these personalities should not be supported.


This analysis proves that, all successful sports stars and film stars may not be ideal role models. In a nutshell, youngsters should not be supported to follow these jazzy personalities blindly. It is recommended to teach youth to follow virtuous characters.


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The mass media, including TV, radio, and newspapers, have great influence in shaping people’s ideas. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer.

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