It is argued that getting married before finishing school or getting a job is not a good choice. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Marriage before settlement affects millions of young girls from all over the world. As soon as these young girls get married, they become fully engaged. In all the domestic burdens, marital responsibilities, real-life challenges and raising children while they are still not well educated and are children themselves.

There is a large similarity that underlies causes of the marriage of girls before settlement despite the remarkable differences in societies and communities. Nevertheless, the degree of importance differs according to conditions. The major causes that urge on the marriage of girls before settlement and at an early age are male dominance, parent’s ignorance, myths about early marriage, pressures from relatives and community and even girls are regarded as burdens on their families, so the families get rid of them by marrying them off early. Moreover, they do not understand needs and not fulfill due to they face many problems.


Marriage before a settlement could be because of any reason, but its effects are very devastating. These effects are pertaining to psychological problems, health implications, freedom captivation, enforced maturity, personal and educational development, and coping with marital issues. Above all divorce or separation is the main effect of early marriage. When a girl enters into the institution of marriage, she brings the burden of many responsibilities also to herself. She does with happiness because of a lack of awareness and ignorance. But with the passage of time, she understands the things, and then if she agrees with everything, that is an adjustment, but if she rebuts, the result is divorce.

In order to have a successful and happy married life, it is imperative for both the partners to be educated and settled. Eventually, as with every marriage, there will be stresses and pressures, uneducated partners will be more prone to marriage problems since their individuality has been interrupted.

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