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The information revolution and mass communication, Discuss impacts on individuals and societies


With the advent of the time, information revolution and mass communication significance are increased to an unimaginable extent. The information revolution and mass communication affected every single life. Further in the essay, I would like to discuss its impact on individuals and societies.

Initiating with impacts on an individual. The more handy information to a person the more he is smarter. For instance, mass communication could help to know the different prices of the same commodity at a different place. Mass communication could be used to provide safety while traveling at an unsafe place by just updating your location to a person. The biggest disadvantage of mass communication is time wastage. Nowadays everyone wanted to waste their time knowing what another person is doing.

The ease of communication gave a massive impact on society. It helps to bring society closer. People can communicate with others with people on electronic devices. Socializing your personal life has now become a trend. This often results in a lack of privacy in households. People love to show off. Sometimes this results in hardworking another person who wants the same lifestyle.

Summing up everything stated so far. Mass communication is a blessing for everyone who knows how to use it effectively. Government authorities need to make a special and strict rule for it. Educational institutes need to spread education as it has a special place in student life.

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