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PTE exam memories 20-11-2017 Sydney

We have these PTE exam memories /questions shared by students appeared in recent exam.

Essay: Should marketing for consumer goods companies like clothing and food focus on fame and
good faith or on short-term strategies like discount and special offers? And in what ways this can
impact on their reputation? Why? Click for solved essay


1.Compulsory Voting
2.SLP officer brings to Australian school.




1.About emry avilson(mister green)

Describe image

1.Bar chart with weekly expenditure
2.Line graph population
3.Wooden cutting image
4.How viruses multiply(process diagram)
5.Pie chart with 4 blocks


search with (beginning in the 1990s).
2. search with in his fascinating book)

Read Aloud

:1.image with ship container
2.Old computer vs latest computer images.


1.chemical name of H2o.
2.Table with different designations. What is the first one?

Anyone who has appeared in the recent exams, Please share their PTE exam memories in the comment section.We will post them online.

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PTE Exam memories/

Essay laws change behaviors. Opinion(click for solved essay)
SWT: nap, aging world
RL Human Determinants, Australia export and,…
SST- both are new and Tough: citizens rights in the democracy
* the graduates of journalism can get jobs in their field
*Her celebrating theory still has a great source of controversy.
*He is regarded as the formest scientist at his time.
*the issue both the exploration of the problem.


Read Aloud:- was easy, except one.

Repeat sentence:-

you come with, me others stay here (repeated)
Two sentences were lengthy

Answer short question:-
Horse is a mammal (repeated)
Horse is sitting on the grass
Rest were new two image-based question

Describe image:-

Flags of UAE (Repeated from Nikhil image-based question)
rest were fine.. bar graph, line graph,

Re-tell lecture:-
Globalization(Repeated), rest were new


Children TV watching(Repeated)
Library one ( New and lengthy)
one more but not sure about it

Click for solved essay-Company Top level Authorities should or should not take employees

ROP was new and was little tough
FIB:- All were new and were tough ( not repeated)
Reading – writing were also new


Vitamin D(Repeated)
Other one was new

Fill in the blanks were easy but rate of speech was fast

WFD:- all new except

Climate change is an acceptable phenomenon…….

For people appearing for exam in December ,here’s some important essays that u need to prepare:

-In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of extreme or adventure sports?
In developing countries, tourism has disadvantages, while the opposite can be said as well. What is your opinion on this?
What roles should governments, companies, and individuals play to combat climate change?

Anyone who has appeared in the recent exams, Please share their PTE exam memories in the comment section.We will post them online.

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